How to get started with WeConnect

How to share content from your device to one of the side displays in the room

To share content to the side displays WeConnect uses an application called MirrorOp. This app enables Students to share their content from their devices without any cables!

How to install the MirrorOp application

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to
  3. Chose the software that fits your system (Mac or Windows)
  4. Click Download file
  5. Open the downloaded file and install the software on your laptop
Drivers & firmware Barco

How to use the MirrorOp application

  1. Activate the application MirrorOp on your device
  2. Click on Input hostname or IP
  3. Enter the hostname (e.g. of the relevant side display
  4. Press Enter

A passcode will now appear (for a couple of seconds) on the side display.

  1. Enter the passcode that appears on the side display

Now you are connected to the side display!

Side display options

1. Press the Play icon to share your content on the side display

2. Press the Pause icon to freeze the display

3. Press the square Stop icon to stop sharing your content

How to participate in the WeConnect Collaboration Room

You can only join a session after the Lecturer has started it.

To login to your session:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Wageningen University & Research 

You can now see all Active Sessions. You can join a session after logging in and selecting one of the sessions presented in the Active Sessions tab.

  1. Click on the session you want to join

All planned sessions with an actual starting time larger than 15 minutes from the actual time, will be visible in the Active Session tab. Therefore, there is not a possibility to join a session planned too far in advance.

Student interface overview

Successfully joining a session will give you, as a Student, the following screen.

On the left side, you can choose which information source you want to see.  For most lectures, this will be at least the digital whiteboard and the Lecturer content, typically what is shown on the main classroom display. In the center of the application, you see the selected content. 

  1. Make the browser application full-screen, this maximizes the center view.  After this, you can make the central content view even bigger by zooming the browser pressing the control (CTRL) and plus or minus buttons on your keyboard.
  2. Download snapshot, by executing this action a snapshot is created containing the content presented in the Lecturer's Display.
  3. If this is available then you can share your own device's display with the class. In case you experience issues with webRTC share content, you may have to install the WeConnect webRTC plugin for Chrome before you can share for the first time. The Lecturer can control what is shown on the main screen.
  4. Shows you how many attend the lecture, click on this to see the list of Students in this session.


Student Interface
Silent Questions and Chat

On the right side of the interface, you can find the timeline, this shows all classroom messages and silent questions. This is also the spot where you can answer quiz and poll questions. Students can actively contribute during the session.

There are two options:

  1. Send message: all Students will be able to see the question raised by a student;
  2. Ask the host: this message will be directly seen by the Lecturer

Lecturers can also see and react to the classroom message timeline.

The silent questions feature allows you to ask a question to the lecturer without the need to raise your hand. Your fellow Students in the lecture will be able to read your question and indicate if they like it. Lecturers automatically get the most liked questions in a list in their user interface.  They can answer the question at any time or keep it as feedback to improve the lecture in the future.

3. Click on Ask the Host to ask your silent question and enter your question in the text box.  Hit the enter key or the question mark balloon again to post your question. There is also a possibility this question to be anonymous when sent to a broader audience. 

Silent Question

After a Lecturer has started a poll you, as a Student you will see the timeline be replaced with the quiz and poll input dialog. There are 3 different types of Polls such as:  Double, Multiple Choice and Open Questions. The Student has 30 sec (by default) to provide an answer. If all Students answered the question, a Lecturer can stop the poll, or extent the time in case it is needed. 

As a Student you get the following overviews:

  1. For every quiz or poll, the Student gets a limited time to answer, you can see how many seconds you have left underneath the answer options.
  2. When the learner has answered, they get a confirmation.
  3. When the poll has ended, the Lecturer can decide to show the correct answer and how the complete group has answered

A Lecturer can enable two functions that give Students the option to interact and collaborate together:

  1. Set your pin: When enabled by the Lecturer, as a Student you will see a pin appearing on top of the whiteboard, which you can position freely. You will also see where other Students position their pins. This creates a dynamic heat map of opinions of participants in the session.
  2. Collaborative drawing: You will see the basic whiteboard controls appearing on the whiteboard. You will be able to draw on the whiteboard to give feedback to the Lecturer or to perform a task set by the Lecturer.

Now you know how to get started with your WeConnect session!

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