Try-out remote proctored exam

The remote proctored exam try-out is a way to train yourself in taking an off-campus proctored exam and to test if everything works well.

Recordings from the try-out are not saved and answers given will not be checked

Checklist try-out remote proctored exam

Before starting, check your room, i.e. no privacy sensitive materials in sight

The video below will show you how to install and start the secure browser

The video below will show you how to take an exam using ANS

Every time the link below is used, the software will be downloaded
But if the software has already been properly installed, it is possible to start the RemoteProctornow directly from the computer

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Download Software
RPnow website> then click on Download Software

Once the Remote Proctoring Software has been successfully downloaded and installed, open the PSI Secure Browser link on your desktop

  1. Test your microphone
Test Microphone
  1. Click on Continue
Micrphone tested, click on continue

The PSI Secure Browser will open

PSI Secture Browser opens

For more information on how to select the try-out remote proctored exam, please visit: Select Exam Teacher/Sponsor: Digital Examination: WUR

Select exam

For more information, please visit: Fill in the test taker information

Test taker information

For further questions about problems and issues, please visit: Getting ready for an online exam


You now know what are the steps to do a try-out for an online proctored exam!

You are done. Great job!