Laptop check for a digital exam on-campus

The laptop check for a digital exam on-campus is a way to test if the exam security software works on your laptop.

You can do the laptop check two times per week.

Checklist laptop check for an on-campus digital exam

You can find the requirements information on the page: Preprarations for the on-campus digital exam

  1. Click on 'Enter with your school account'
  1. The WUR logon procedure starts and will take you to the University login page. If you are already logged on (to Brightspace for example) these pages might be skipped.
  2. Select Wageningen University & Research (WUR) from the list.
  1. The next page is from Wageningen University where you need to fill in your username and password.
  1. Click 'Sign in'

When you start an exam which is secured by Schoolyear, Schoolyear will check if the latest version is installed. If not Schoolyear will update.

  1. Click 'Download Schoolyear'
  1. The Schoolyear plugin is download. Now start the installation of Schoolyear. The instructions are shown on screen.

After Schoolyear is installed it will automatically start. The application will ask confirmation before continuing to the first step: logging you off from Windows or closing all applications on a Mac. Save all open documents and programs other than your browser to prevent the loss of data before you proceed.

When the installation is finished the Schoolyear application will ask a confirmation before signing you out of windows

When you sign in to Windows again the Schoolyear application will start and show you confirmation that the test was successful.

You can close Schoolyear with the button 'EXIT EXAM' in the lower right corner of the screen.

In a real exam you have to submit your exam before you close Schoolyear with the 'EXIT EXAM' button.

You are done. Great job!