What can I use (generative) AI for?

First check your course guide to see whether (and in what way) you may use GenAI in your course. In case there is no information in your course guide, using AI to generate the content of your assignments is considered fraud.

Though it is not allowed to use AI for generating ready-made content, there are many other ways to use it that enhance your education. For example, you might use AI:

  • as brainstorming tool. For example, you could use AI to provide inspiration when coming up with a research topic or question.
  • to improve your own writing. While you cannot use AI tools to generate your written assignments, you can use them to improve your own writing by asking for personalised feedback on it.
  • for help with studying. For example, you can use AI tools to evaluate your knowledge by having it ask you questions on course topics.
  • for practicing for debates/discussions. You can prepare for in-class discussions or debates by having an AI tool act as your opponent.
  • in literature research. You can use AI tools to orientate yourself on relevant academic literature on your chosen topic. However, be mindful of how you do this, and in which step of the process. AI can be applied at the start of your research process to quickly gain an overview of the field  but to ensure you find all relevant information, this should always be followed by an extensive (Scopus/Web of Science/etc.) systematic search. Be aware that LLMs may make up references, so make sure to check each reference carefully. Using made-up references in your text may be considered fraud by the Examining Boards. The library provides more advice on how to use AI to enhance your literature research process.
  • to improve or debug your code. In assignments that consist of writing code, using AI to generate this code would be considered fraud (unless you have permission from your lecturer). However, you can use it to provide personalised feedback on code you’ve written yourself. In any case, be mindful that you still meet the course’s learning goals.