First check your course guide to see whether (and in what way) you may use GenAI in your course. In case there is no information in your course guide, using AI to generate the content of your assignments is considered fraud.

ChatGPT ( is a chatbot that produces text of any length, style, and format based on prompts. You can use it in multiple ways: for example, while brainstorming on an assignment topic, for help with studying, or for practicing for debates. We see a lot of people using ChatGPT like they use Google, but be aware it’s not a search engine! To use ChatGPT most effectively, knowing how to write good prompts is important. Be very clear as to what you want from it, provide context, and give it a role. More advice on how to write good prompts can be found online (for example, here). See figures 4-7 below for some examples of effective use of ChatGPT (click on the images to enlarge them if needed).

Example: Using ChatGPT as a study buddy

Figure 4

Example of a ChatGPT prompt that provides the description and learning outcomes of a course, and asks ChatGPT to provide exam questions

Figure 5

ChatGPT's response (including 8 exam questions) to the prompt in the previous figure

Example: Using ChatGPT while brainstorming assignment topics

Figure 6

ChatGPT prompt asking for region and topic ideas for a policy brief on climate adaptation, and ChatGPT's response that includes 6 regions and acommpanying topics

Example: Using ChatGPT to prepare for a debate

Figure 7

ChatGPT prompt that asks the AI for help with practicing for a debate on nuclear power in the Netherlands, and ChatGPT's response in the form of an opening statement