First check your course guide to see whether (and in what way) you may use GenAI in your course. In case there is no information in your course guide, using AI to generate the content of your assignments is considered fraud.

Elicit (https://elicit.org/) is an example of a GenAI tool that you can use in your literature research. Ask it a research question, and it will provide you with a list of relevant academic papers, as well as short summaries of the relevant information from those papers. Tools like Elicit are helpful for gaining a quick, overview understanding of a topic - but do not rely on them to provide you with all of the available information (since, for example, Elicit is not fully accurate and cannot access papers that are behind a paywall), and always use them alongside the regular systematic database search. See an example of how to use Elicit in figure 8 below:

Example: Using Elicit to find information on a research question

Figure 8

Screenshot of the Elicit webpage, where the user has asked the question "What will happen to heatwaves in the MENA region?" and Elicit has provided a list of relevant papers, as well as summaries of their abstracts and a summary of the top 4 papers.