First check your course guide to see whether (and in what way) you may use GenAI in your course. In case there is no information in your course guide, using AI to generate the content of your assignments is considered fraud.

ChatPDF ( is an AI tool that allows you to more efficiently analyse documents: you can upload a PDF and ask questions to enhance your understanding of its content. Besides for studying, this can be helpful in the orientation phase of a literature research. You might use this tool to summarise articles, in order to determine which ones you should read fully. Note that ChatPDF has a word limit, which means that longer articles might not be analysed in their entirety. See this example on how to use ChatPDF to improve your understanding of a document while studying:

Example: Using ChatPDF to improve your understanding of a document

Figure 12

Screenshot of a ChatPDF page where the user has uploaded and article and is able to ask questions about its content.