AI-Enhanced Education Challenge

Image created using the DALL-E3 integration in GPT4 using the prompt: “A scene set in a modern university library where two students are seated at a table, engrossed in their laptops. The AI software on their screens is actively suggesting content for their essays. Above them, a dynamic holographic mind map adjusts and grows based on the AI's input, while in the background, other students engage in discussions.”

Technology, and specifically generative AI, is advancing at a pace like never before. While this poses challenges for education, we believe that most importantly, (generative) AI has the potential to shape and even enhance our students’ learning. That is why we are excited to introduce the AI-Enhanced Education Challenge.

What is the AI-Enhanced Education Challenge?

In this contest, we invite you to redefine your education. Take a look at a course assignment, and transform it (or design an entirely new assignment) so that AI is incorporated. This could range from improving AI-written essays, to personalised study plans, to whatever else you can think of. We challenge you to be innovative and ensure your redesigned assignment not only meets the original learning goals, but enhances the learning experience. The best idea will both win you bragging rights (it might actually be implemented in a course at WUR!) and a €50 gift card.

Why you should join

  • Make an impact: We know you often have great ideas and strong opinions on how assignments (and overall, education) could be improved - this is your chance to make your voice heard!
  • Shape the future: In a world as fast-changing as ours, it is clear that AI will have a transformative impact on the future of education. Participate and make your contribution to this future!
  • Enhance your learning: By incorporating AI in assignments, you have the power to enhance the learning experience of your peers.
  • Win a prize: As a reward for your creativity and innovation, you have the chance to win a €50 gift card.

How to participate

  1. Pick an assignment or learning goal: This could be an existing assignment from a WUR course that you’re taking now or that you’ve taken in the past, and you believe has the potential to be enhanced with AI. You could also pick a learning goal and design a new assignment around it.
  2. Be creative: Come up with an innovative idea to (re)design the assignment.
  3. Write a proposal: Write a short proposal (max 2 pages) in which you describe how you would change which assignment or target which learning goal (include the course code!), how you’ll ensure the original learning goals are met, and explain in which ways your idea improves the learning experience.
  4. Submit: Send your proposal to [email protected] before January 7.

How we will judge

Our expert jury will evaluate your entries based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Impact on learning
  • Feasibility

Whether you’re passionate about education, technology, or simply really like gift cards, this challenge is for you. Join us in embracing AI and transforming education as we know it.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts about the challenge or the use of AI in education in general, email us at [email protected].