How to plan electives from another university?

You can use the Osiris PlanApp to plan you individual study programme and to request approval for your electives. You can also plan electives from another university, for example when you go on exchange. This can be done via the Plan menu.

This manual describes how to plan electives from another university

1. Click on the + in the year and period you would like to plan the course
Via the + option you can also plan courses not offered at Wageningen University.

NOTE: you can immediately proceed to step 6 if the courses you plan(ned) to follow at another university are already approved in SPA and are transferred to Osiris. You can find those courses on your Study Progress Overview. These transferred courses all start with an 'X'. For more information about the Study Progress Overview, please take a look at the following manual: How to read the study progress overview?.

2. If you scroll down, you can insert the land code, university code and course code at Custom course. For example, if you want to follow a course at University of Maastricht related to movement science:

  • The country code is NL, since the university is located in the Netherlands. Most of the time, the land code is related to the two-letter internet domain, e.g. Belgium is BE,  Greece is GR, China is CN, etc.
  • The university code is UM (University of Maastricht). This is often a recognizable code, e.g. Wageningen University is WU, University of California in Santa Barbara is UCSB, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is LSHTM, etc.
  • The course code is HMS4501 (Imaging Muscle Health), which can be found on the website of the university.
  • The remaining space of Custom course can be used for the (beginning) of the name of the course, in this case: Imaging Muscle Health. Please always add the name of the course in English.

DO NOTE that the name of the dummy course you create is not what will be shown on your diploma. The actual name of the course will be added when the grade is entered.

3. Insert the Number of ECTS, which can also be found on the website of the university

4. Click ADD to add the course to the selected year and period

5. Now your course is planned in the selected period.
If you're satisfied with your planning and you want to request approval, take a look at the manual How to request approval for electives?. You can also find the Electives Motivation Form here.

6. After completing the courses at another university, you have to inform the Student Service Centre (SSC). How to inform SSC is described at the following website:

BE AWARE to always save your plan in between changes and before you close the PlanApp!