How to request special facilities via Cases?

In order to make use of a facility, you need to request permission to use this specific facility. The student dean will decide whether you get permission to use this facility. After permission from a student dean, you can use this facility in courses and tests. To get more information on how to make use of special facilities, see manual How to make use of special facilities?

This manual describes how to request special facilities via Cases

1. First, click on Cases in the home screen of Osiris

2. To make a new case, click on Start case

3. Click on Start to proceed

TIP: To receive more information on student guidance regarding special facilities, click on the provided links.

4. Select the facility you want to request

5. Select the standard facilities belonging to the requested facility relevant for you
In the screenshot an example is shown. Here, the facility Dyslexia / Dyscalculia / Dysorthography is selected. As standard facility, 25% extra time for the (interim) examination is selected.

6. Upload (an) official statement(s) concerning your limitations.
7. Give permission to consult student physician and/or student psychologists
8. Click on Submit after every component described above is filled in

9. The case is successfully submitted. Click on OK to proceed

10. Now My cases are shown

TIP: For more details, click on Details.

11. To start a new case, click on Start case.

12. Now Case details are shown
13. If you want to withdraw the submitted case, click on Withdraw case

When you don't want to start a new case or withdraw the submitted case, you can close the window and go back to the Osiris home screen.

14. In the Osiris home screen, you now see the status of your request for facilities. You have to wait until the student dean has approved your request

15. In case your request for facilities is incomplete, you will get this notification. Make sure to complete your request to get approval for facilities

If your request for facilities has been approved, immediately go to step 20.

16. Here, you can see the reason why your request for facilities has been denied. To complete your request for facilities, click on Facilities request

18. Make your request for facilities complete and click on Save to re-submit

19. Again, your Case details are shown

NOTE: On the bottom of the page, your Previous activities are shown.

20. When your request for facilities has been approved by the student dean, this is shown on the Osiris home screen