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How to initiate the administrative processes for the MSc thesis, internship or research practice

How to initiate the administrative processes for the MSc Thesis, Internship or Research Practice

Once you've found yourself a chair group and WUR-supervisor for your Master's Thesis, Internship or Research Practice, you as student will start the administrative processes by registering the information in a Learning Agreement. All relevant administrative information is registered in Osiris and where required approved by the supervisor.
Also the (final) thesis, reflection reports (for internship and research practice) and assessment forms are registered in Osiris using this process.

This manual describes how to start this administrative process.
All relevant information on completing the forms is included on the forms, and therefore not part of this manual.

NOTE: This process replaces the current procedures using a.o. the MS-Word Learning Agreement and many other (paper) forms. This procedure will be available in Osiris for MSc theses and MSc Research Practices as of AUGUST 15, 2022. 

For Internships this procedure will be available 2nd half of January 2023.

Many chair groups will be using this procedure for all students starting with their MSc thesis or Research Practice from August 2022 onwards. 
Some chair groups will start a bit later, please check with your supervisor whether to use this procedure or the 'old' paper-based one.

1.  First, click on the heading Cases in the home screen of Osiris-Student

2. To make a new case, click on the button Start case

3. Select the 'Registration of Thesis-Internship-Research Practice' option and click on Start to proceed

On each of the subsequent forms you'll now encounter, you can read the instructions that are needed to complete the forms successfully. 

After entering the initial information and submitting, the process is started and you can now complete the Learning Agreement.
(For completing the Learning Agreement, you'll need information discussed in a first meeting with your supervisor. )

4. In Osiris Student, on the main screen, the process is shown once you've initiated it. Click anywhere in this box to enter the information of the learning agreement.
On this place, in Osiris Student, you can always access this process until it is completed (i.e. you received your final grade).

In each of the forms/pages that you'll have to complete, follow the explanation on the screen that will guide you through the process step-by-step.

After completing a form, don't forget to first press SAVE (5) to store your information (screenshot below) and on the next screen press COMPLETE (6) to submit the information (second screenshot below).