How to activate Windows 10 education on your Laptop

This manual shows how to activate Windows 10 Education on your laptop. You can only activate this after you purchased this from SURFspot, which is explained in How to get Windows 10 Education manual. If you already have Windows 10 Education, you can follow the manual How to get access to the WUR AppStore

1. Go to and login with your WUR account and password. Click on My SURFspot / orders

2. Click on My Orders, you can see the order of Windows 10 Education and a small icon with a key

3. Click on Show serialcode and make a copy of the serial code

4. Click on the start menu and enter 'activation' in the search bar (in case you do not have a search bar, just begin typing)
(In Dutch, enter 'activering') 

5. Click on Activation settings
(In Dutch: Activeringsinstellingen)

6. The screen above will appear. Click on Change product key
(In Dutch: Productcode wijzigen)

7. Enter your product key, the serial code you copied from SURFspot

8. Confirm that you want to upgrade to Windows 10 Education and click on Start

9. The upgrade process has been started

10. The upgrade process has finished

11. After the upgrade process has finished, restart your laptop