How to use Virtual Classroom (Pulse)

A Virtual Classroom is an integrated tool in Brightspace provided by Bongo that allows lecturers and students to engage with each other through Livestream video. Τhe Brightspace Pulse application is a helpful tool for students that enables them to participate in online discussions and meetings through their mobile phone.

This article will show you how to:

Accessing and using Virtual Classroom in Pulse

In the Pulse-app navigate to your courses and, then

  1. Click on the desired Course, e.g Water Management
Select the course
  1. Select the (sub)module where the Virtual Classroom is located, e.g General
Select the module
  1. Select the desired topic from the list, e.g Water Management
Select the topic

An overview page will open,

Information page of the virtual classroom
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. When the meeting has started, you can join using the blue button Enter Meeting Room. If the meeting is only scheduled in a future time this button will be gray (and not yet clickable)
Click Enter meeting Room

Keep in mind that is only possible to enter the scheduled meeting only if the moderator has opened the session.

It is possible to select how to enter the audio within the Virtual Classroom,

  1. Click on the Microphone -  to be able to speak or present at any given moment during the meeting


Click on the Listen only  to only listen and do not intend to speak

Choose to join with Microphone or Listen only

The Virtual Classroom meeting entails different features,

  1. Click on the menu on the left corner

Α list of options will appear

Menu revealed
7. Participants

By clicking on the Person icon, the user list will appear.

The presenter will be highlighted to make it clearer who is Presenting. The user list is firstly sorted by role (Moderator role at the top) then alphabetically.

8. Chat

By clicking on the Chat Icon, a public chat of the meeting will open, its content will appear on the left of the main screen.

Chat option
9. Breakout rooms

By clicking on the Breakout rooms icon, the Breakout Room list will appear where you can join one of them.

Keep in mind that only the moderators in the meeting can start and assign users to Breakout Rooms.

Breakout rooms
  1. By clicking on the three dot icon in the top right, more options will appear.

For more information, please visit: General session controls.

To exit click trhree dots

11. From the drop-down menu click Leave

Click leave

If the meeting was recorded, you can re-watch the recording after the meeting ended. However, be aware that the processing of the recorded meeting can take a few minutes.


12. Click the play icon to start viewing the recorded meeting

Play recording

You now know how to use Virtual Classroom in the Pulse app!