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How to submit a student precheck for a Unicheck assignment

Apart from an assignment in Brightspace, your lecturer might require from you a submission to Unicheck. Unicheck is a plagiarism tool replacing Turnitin®. If instructed by the teacher, you may have the option to pre-check your assignment before submitting your final assignment through Unicheck.

Only if a teacher has enable the precheck settings in the Unicheck assignment, the Drafts folder will appear. For more information, please visit: About Unicheck precheck settings

How to access Unicheck through Assessment tab

Navigate to your Course page. Then,

1. Click on Assessment in the navigation bar, this will open the drop-down menu

2. Then, click on Assignments

Click on Assessment a drop-down menu will appear then Assignments

How to submit a student precheck

This will open the Assignments homepage with the list of all available course assignments. In the table, you will see the columns Name of the assignment, the Completion Status, Score, Evaluation Status and Due Date.

3. Click on title of the Assignment you need to submit your work to

Click on the assignment you need to submit

This will open the Assignment submission page:

4. Read the Instructions carefully

5. Click on the Attached File 

Read instructions and click on attached file

This action will open the Unicheck page in a new browser tab with the Unicheck iframe.

Do not close the browser tab with the Brightspace assignment!

The teacher allowed two precheck(s), meaning you can check your assignment twice

6. Click on Drafts

Unicheck iframe opens in a new tab, click on Add files

By clicking Drafts, an Unicheck Dashboard will open.

7. Click on the green Upload Files button

Click on green Upload Files button

A pop-out page will open with options of where you want to upload your file from:

8. Click on one of the icons

Choose one of the following options to add a file

  • My Computer - Select this option if you wish to Add a file stored on your computer
  • From Google Drive - Select this option if you wish to Add a file stored from your Google Drive
  • From Dropbox - Select this options if you wish to Add a file stored in your Dropbox
  • OneDrive Files -  Select  from your WUR OneDrive.

If you are using this option for the first time you will be prompted to sign in first. Click the button to sign in and you will be automatically signed in to your WUR OneDrive. In the next step you will be able to see its contents, the folders and documents of your personal WUR OneDrive.

Choose from where you want to upload your file from

When you choose to upload the file from My Computer a window will pop-up. Search for the file within your computer's folders. Then,

9. Click on the File you want to add as your submission to the assignment

10. Click on Open

Click on the file and then open

How many files you can submit depends on how your lecturer has set up the assignment. The Final Submission will only allow you to submit one file.

When your file has been uploaded:

11. Select the report you have uploaded by ticking the box

12. Click on the blue Check For Similarity button


Tick the box next to the assignment and then click on the blue button Check for similarity on the top right corner

The file will upload

The file is uploading

Once the file has been uploaded the Similarity score will appear.

How to add assignment to Final Submission

If you are satisfied and wish to submit your assignment as your final submission,

13. Tick the box next to the document, and then

14. Click on Add to Assignment

Tick the box next to the name, and click on Add to Assignment

After this action, you will be redirected to the assignment homepage in Unicheck.

15. Click on the blue Final Submission button

Click on the blue button Final Submission to submit

After this action, a message will appear on the top right corner, saying you have successfully submitted the file. You can now close the browser tab with Unicheck and go back to the Assignment in Brightspace.

File sucessfully submitted message appears on the top right corner, click the x to close the tab

On the original browser tab of the assignment, on the Assignment submission homepage navigate to the section Submit - Text submission. Then,

17. In the text editor field write a small text to your teacher indicating that you have submitted your assignment

18. Click on the blue button Submit to send your submission to the system.

It is important to do the Step 11 and Step 12 so your lecturer can see your submission to the system.

Write a Text submission then click on the blue button submit

Submission confirmation

After you click Submit on your Assignment submission page a new page with confirmation of your submission will open:

19. Click on the blue button Done

Click the blue button done

This will return you to the Assignments homepage where you can see the completion status of your recent submission.

You now know how to make a  Student pre-check to an Unicheck assignment in Brightspace!