Email | How to edit Settings in the Email

In the email settings, you can customize your settings by adding your signature to your emails from Brightspace, send a copy and save a copy of each outgoing message.

This article will show you:

Accessing email Settings

Navigate to your course and hover over to your User profile

  1. Click on your Name or profile picture, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Account Settings
Click on your name or profile picture a drop down menu will appear click on Account settings

This action will open the Account Settings page,

  1. Click on the Email tab to access the email settings
Email tab access

Email Settings

There are several settings that can be edited

Email Account Settings tab
  1. Send a copy of each outgoing message - to send a copy of all the emails to a specific address
  2. Save a copy of each outgoing message to the Sent Mail folder - to save a copy of the messages sent, including attachments will be saved to the Sent Email folder
  3. Click in the Email Signature HTML editor box - to add a signature to your emails
  4. Click Save and Close

You know now to to edit your email settings in Brightspace!

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