How to access videos in YuJa

There are broadly two different ways to watch YuJa content within your Brightspace course.

The first one is when you find it as a topic, thumbnail or a link in Brightspace. This can be either in the form of a single video, or in the form of a playlist. When you access the video directly from a topic in Brightspace, you can start viewing the video. You can find more information about the YuJa player here.

The second way to watch a video is from the course channel which you can access via a Brightspace topic. This topic is called 'YuJa all videos' by default, but can be renamed by your lecturers. Once you click such a topic, you will end up in the YuJa Media Library, in the video channel of your Brightspace course.

Access the YuJa Course Channel

To access the Course channel, click on the topic in Brightspace that refers to this channel. By default this is a content item called YuJa all videos. Once you open this item, you end up in the channel of your course, within the YuJa Media Library.

In the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Content
  2. Select the (sub) module where the YuJa video is located
  3. Click on YuJa All Videos
YuJa video

The YuJa Media Library will open in a new tab of your browser.

Understand the folder structure in YuJa Media Library

The YuJa Media Library is organised  in different menus, sections, folders and (sub)folders.

When you follow the previous steps you will arrive in the YuJa channel of your course. It should look similar to the next image.

From this channel, you can search, find and play videos of your course. Weblectures and livestreams will appear automatically in this channel. Livestreams will appear as a different subchannel during the scheduled time of the recording. Weblectures will appear a few hours after the recording took place.

Folder structure

Within the PERSONAL Menu, you have 2 sections: My Media and Shared With Me. As a student, using the personal menu is optional, and is only relevant if you want to upload or share videos yourself.

Need to finalize

The SHARED menu contains three different sections:

  1. Public Library: It contains all publicly available videos such as PhD defenses, inaugurations and festive activities.
  2. WUR Library: It contains all materials made available for all people in WUR, such as knowledge clips and other educational videos.
  3. All My Courses: This is where you arrived when you follow how to access the YuJA Media Library. It contains all YuJa channels of the courses you have access within Brightspace. After you have accessed a video or the channel via the Brightspace course once, you will be able to see the course channel here.

The naming structure of the channels in All My Courses is similar to Brightspace and includes the course code, year and period, followed by the course name (e.g. ABC11206_2021_4).

You can search through all video content that you have access to by using the search bar on top. This will allow you to search in the public and WUR library, as well as in your course channels.

Now, you know how the YuJa Media Library works!


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