WURnet account, email and WiFi

As a WUR student you’ll receive a WURnet account with an email address and a WUR card as soon as your registration and payment or authorisation are complete.

WURnet account

Your WURnet account gives you access to WUR's network and WUR’s digital university. It remains valid until you have been deregistered as a student and is automatically renewed if you are registered again yearly. 

WUR email adress

Your WUR email adress gives you access to a personal mailbox with 50 GB of storage space. You can access your email via outlook.office365.com. If the mailbox is over the maximum storage limit, you can no longer send or receive email. Emails sent to your mailbox while it was over quota are not received, even after cleaning.

  • Read here how to use outlook on your mobile phone


With your WUR account you can access the WiFi on campus , your laptop needs a wireless adapter.

Read the information on http://wireless.wur.nl , how you can use the WiFi network.

How to get help and support?

If you have any questions on ICT related questions :

Visit: ServicePoint IT, Forum reception desk

Call: Servicedesk IT (31) 317 4 88888

E-mail: [email protected]

Don't hesitate they are happy to help you in the regular opening hours