Help & support for the digital university

Doný hesitate to ask for help and use the service options

Student Service Desk - Osiris

You find the Student Service Desk in the Forum building . For Osiris you can also send an email to [email protected]

Consult Questions and answers to find answers on your questions.

ServicePoint IT - Laptop, mobile, WUR Appstore

You can go to ServicePoint IT in the Forum building: 

  • When you have problems with your laptop or mobile (all types and models).
  • If your laptop meets the minimum requirements
  • Installation of the WUR Appstore
  • IT related questions like Password reset,  Wifi etc.

You can also call Servicedesk IT at +31 317 488 888  or email at [email protected]

Brightspace helpdesk - Brightspace and learning tools

T +31 (0317) 486 222 

[email protected]


In myWURtoday you can ask a question via the ..More menu.

Scroll down to My App and click on Help & info about the app.

You can choose to Ask a question, Report a bug or give your Feedback.