A laptop for your studies

To be able to take your digital exams and to use the software required for a course, you need a laptop.  Buy and prepare your laptop before the start of the classes and computer practical's.   

Does your laptop meet the WUR study requirements?

Check if your laptop meets the minimum laptop requirements
The models from the annual WUR laptop offer meets this requirements.

NB. To check if your laptop meets the WUR requirements you can go to ServicePoint IT in Forum building

Is your laptop equipped with Windows 10 education?

If you do not have Windows 10 education yet, order it for free via SURfspot.nl.

WUR is a Windows University, because most course software is based on the Windows operating system. If you choose a MacBook, you have to install Windows on Mac by ordering Windows 10 education (free) and Parallels Desktop (with a discount) from SURFspot.nl.

How to check if you have the right Windows 10 version

How can I get Windows 10 Education

Do you have a laptop riser, keyboard and mouse

Studying comfortably with your laptop and buy a laptop riser ans keyboard with extra discount at ServicePoint IT in Forum building.  For computer practical's using a laptop riser, keyboard and mouse is the standard. 

Need Help?

You can take your laptop to ServicePoint IT in Forum. They will take a look at your laptop and help you as much as possible – regardless of whether you purchased your laptop from the WUR LaptopShop or elsewhere. If you are unable to drop by, you can also call the ServiceDesk IT: + 31 (0) 317 4 88888.

Are you ready?