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Step by step instructions to install and use the WUR AppStore

This article shows the steps you need to go through to download and install the WUR AppStore and how you can use the educational or course software you need for your studies.

Step What to do Why do you need it
1. Buy a free update to Windows 10 Education at and activate it on your laptop. To use the course software via the WUR AppStore you need Windows 10 Education or windows 10 Professional (Pro). In How to check if you have the right Windows 10 version  you read how you find out what kind of Windows version you have.

NB. The WUR AppStore is only available through Windows 10. If you use a MacBook you first need to buy Windows 10 Education and Parallels Desktop on to run Windows on a Mac. 
2. Connect your WUR account to your laptop. The WUR AppStore is only available for WUR students. Read
How to connect to the WUR AppStore  with your WUR account to use the WUR Appstore on your laptop.
3. Install the study and course software which is available to you via the WUR AppStore. The course software in the WUR AppStore meets the requirements set for your education. Your lecturer  will communicate what software you need to install.
How to download software from the WUR Appstore to your laptop
4. Activate OneDrive WageningenUR. To save and share study files securely you need to use OneDrive WageningenUR. This is not the same OneDrive you use privately. 

Optional: install Microsoft Office As a WUR student you can download Microsoft Office at no cost. Go to and sign in with your WUR email.