I cannot find the software I need for my course

There can be a few reasons why you can't find the software apps needed for your course.

1. Several software apps are only visible for students who are enrolled in a course that uses such a software app. Make sure that you are enrolled in the course for which you need the software.

2. You need to have Windows 10 Education or Windows 10 Pro on your laptop for the WUR AppStore to work properly (How to check if you have the right Windows 10 version). If you are using Windows 10 Home, please get the (free) W10 education upgrade from Surfspot.nl (How to get Windows 10 Education).

3. If you receive an error message and need to fill in a MDM-server-URL, copy the following link: https://enrollment.manage.microsoft.com/enrollmentserver/discovery.svc

4. If you followed all steps above and still cannot find the apps you need for your course, please 


  • Visit: ServicePoint IT, Forum reception desk  
  • Call: Servicedesk IT (31) 317 4 88888, 
  • E-mail: [email protected]

They are happy to help you in the regulair opening hours