How can I use the WUR AppStore

In the WUR AppStore you can download study and course software for computer practical's and self-study.

This is a general manual how to use the WUR AppStore. The software assigned to you will be visible in your store.

1. Click on Start / Company Portal (Bedrijfsportal in Dutch), this is the WUR AppStore  

Be aware that after connecting your WUR Account to your laptop, it could take a while before the Company Portal will become visible in your menu. After around 45 minutes and a restart of your computer, the Company Portal will become visible.

2. Click on Sign In

3. Enter your WUR email address and click on Next

4. Enter your WUR password and click on Sign in

5. You now see the homepage of the WUR AppStore. Click on the course software 'App' you want to download

6. Click on Show all to get an extensive overview of all the software apps available to you

If you do not see the software app you need for your course, or get the notification that your IT administrator has not made any apps available to you, please follow the steps below.

7. If you get a notification that your laptop is not yet enabled for business use, as the notification in the screenshot (which is in Dutch), click on this blue notification to start the installation.

8. Enter your WUR email adress and the copy the following link in het MDM-server-URL box:

Now you can follow the manual How can I  download the software to my laptop.