How to connect to the WUR AppStore

This manual shows you how to get access to the WUR AppStore by connecting your WUR account to your laptop. This is only possible after you have activated Windows 10 Education on your laptop, which is explained in the manual How to activate Windows 10 education on your Laptop or when you use Windows 10 Pro.

1. Click on Start / Settings
(In Dutch: Start / Instellingen)

2. Click on Accounts

3. Click on the tab Access work or school
(In Dutch: Toegang tot werk of school)

4. Click on connect
(In Dutch: verbinden)

5. Enter your WUR email address and click on Next

If you receive an error message and need to fill in a MDM-server-URL,  copy the following link:

6. Enter your WUR account and password and click on Sign in

This screen will appear

7. Click on Done and restart your laptop