WUR AppStore privacy statement

WUR AppStore is a web shop in which Wageningen University & Research applications are offered for the purposes of education and research. Wageningen University and the foundation Wageningen Research together constitute the joint venture, Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The WUR procedures are decisive in WUR AppStore.

Your privacy will be respected.
WUR finds it important to protect your privacy and to ensure that our services are transparent, personal and reliable. The information obtained from you through this application will be processed in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation and regulations.

When does this privacy statement apply?
This statement sets out your rights and duties in relation to the processing of personal data obtained through WUR AppStore. General WUR provisions may be found in the
policy document on the processing of Personal data at Wageningen University & Research.

WUR may only use any required device and personal data once you consent to this. The information sought is required in order to grant you access to WUR AppStore and apps, to maintain them and to do so securely. This means not only granting access for the purpose of functional and technical access to the apps but also for the purpose of communication concerning, for example, maintenance, new functions and support, if you require this in relation to an app. Finally, this information is also required to uninstall WUR AppStore and any apps or to deactivate rights to an app, for example, upon completion of one’s studies or because WUR may no longer use an app.

WUR uses the following data.
We understand the importance of safeguarding the privacy of users. The principle underlying data collection is to record as little data as possible. WUR uses the following data to provide apps through WUR AppStore:

  • the model of the device, such as Google Pixel;l.
  • the device manufacturer, such as HP;
  • the operating system and version, such as Windows Version 10.0.17134.1130;
  • the stocks and names of apps, such as Microsoft Word;
  • a device owned by the user: only managed apps from WURAppStore;
  • a device owned by WUR: all the apps are visible;
  • the device owner, such as the last four digits of the mobile phone number;
  • information about the device: the MAC address, media storage size and available space.

Personal data and other parties
The data is stored in the EEA through contracted managing and hosting parties (Intune, Microsoft and direct partners). None of the recorded data will be supplied to any other party without consent, unless there is a legal duty to do so imposed by a party authorised for this purpose. The data will not be used for marketing purposes.

Personal data and retention periods
We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary. As such, apps supplied from WUR AppStore will no longer be available and all data will be deleted by no later than three months after one’s WUR account is closed.

Requests from data subjects
You are entitled to ask WUR to allow you to inspect your personal data and/or to correct, add to, delete or restrict it. A request pertaining to the personal data of a minor must be submitted by the latter's legal representative. In this respect, we would like to refer you to
https://www.wur.nl/en/About-Wageningen/Integrity-and-privacy.htm  where you can find the forms which may serve as the basis for you to address such requests to WUR.

If you disagree with how WUR deals with your personal data, you may raise questions with our data protection officer at [email protected]. Should the problem not be properly resolved, you may approach the Dutch Data Protection Authority (www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en).

The data protection officer oversees compliance with the applicable legislation governing personal data and provides advice concerning its application. The data protection officer may be reached at the email address [email protected].

Wageningen University & Research’s WUR AppStore makes use of appropriate security, which includes encrypted connections to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. WURAppStore stores data in a Microsoft data centre which is based in the EEA. WUR constantly monitors the network and app shop. You may consult the
data security page to obtain more information.