How to use the WUR AppStore on a MacBook

If you use a MacBook and want to use your own laptop for the course software, you first need to buy Windows 10 education and Parallels Desktop on to run Windows on Mac.

This manual explains how to buy Parallels.

 MacBooks with a M1 processor cannot do this and are not recommended.

1. Get the free Windows 10 Education from SURFspot by following the manual How to get Windows 10 Education

2. Go to and enter 'Parallels' in the search bar

3. Click on Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac

4. Click on My SURFspot / Orders / My Orders

5. Click on Download to download Parallels and follow the instructions on your MacBook. Click on Show serialcode to show your serial code

After installing Parallels, your laptop will automatically connect to Windows 10 Education. You can now use the following manuals to connect your WUR Account and use the WUR AppStore.