What is the WUR AppStore

The desire to have more freedom of choice when it comes to the location and time of when to study or following courses starts with a flexibility in offering course software. This will make it possible to follow courses and computer practical's with your own laptop. But also to make lecture halls and PC rooms more flexible, without fixed furniture and computers anymore.

The WUR AppStore is the place where you will be able to download, link to, or virtually access the software you need for your study programme and courses. Not only during, but also for self-study after, the computer practical's and courses. 

To use the study and course software safely you need to connect your laptop to the WUR network with your WUR account. Windows 10 education (a free update is available on SURFspot.nl) or Windows professional is needed on your laptop to be able to access the WUR AppStore. 

A lot of course software used in computer practical's is based on the Windows operating system. That's why WUR is using Windows as the standard.

If you use a MacBook and want to use your own laptop for the course software, you first need to buy Windows 10 education and Parallels Desktop on SURFspot.nl to run Windows on Mac. 

Only if the software is available to download freely and has a Mac version available you might be able to find this software by yourself. However, using Parallels and the WUR AppStore creates a central point of overview to find all software needed in the right versions and sometimes includes plug-ins or libraries your lecturer have prepared for you.