How can I use MyWorkspace for iOS on my laptop

MyWorkspace is the tool WUR uses to virtually offer course software that cannot be installed on your laptop. You can only use MyWorkspace if you have granted rights for this via the course that you follow. If you have a Windows laptop you can follow the manual How can I use MyWorkspace for Windows on my laptop.

1. Go to your internet browser and enter

2. Click on Install VMware Horizon Client

3. Choose the VMware Horizon Client for Mac and click on Go to Downloads

4. Click on Download on the bottom right to start the download process.

5. Accept the terms and start the downloading process.

6. This screen will appear. Drag the VMware Horizon Client icon to the Applications folder to install

7. Go to your Applications folder and open VMware Horizon Client

8. Click on New Server

9. Enter and click on connect

10. Accept the disclaimer

11. Enter your WUR Username (not your WUR email address) and password and click on Login

12. After you login you find an overview of the software that is made available to you based on the courses you follow.

Before you can work with the software, you need to let MyWorkspace know where your study files are stored. Follow the steps below to connect your OneDrive WageningenUR to your MyWorkspace environment. If you need to install your OneDrive WageningenUR on your laptop, follow this manual How to use OneDrive WageningenUR .

13. Click on the gear at the right top.

14. Click on Applications and select 'Run hosted applications from your local Applications folder'. Close the window

15. Click on VMware Horizon Client in de navigation bar next to the Apple Sign. Click on Preferences

16. Click on Sharing and on the + sign. Add your OneDrive WageningenUR and select it

Close the window and open the application necessary for your study to start working

Make sure you have the necessary data stored on your OneDrive WageningenUR before you start working in the application.