How can I download the software to my laptop

This manual describes how to install software on your laptop when the course software is prepared by WUR to control licenses or to include plug-ins / libraries the lecturer prepared for you.  

1. Click on the course software App you need from the WUR AppStore. In this manual 'CRAN R Cmdr for Windows' is used as an example

2. Click on Install to start the download of the software

3. The message Download pending appears, the download of the software will start soon
NB. It can take some time to download the software, this depends on the size of the App.

4. After the download the status will change in Installing, the installation has started

5. When the installation is ready a pop-up will appears and the status is changes into Installed

6. Close the WUR AppStore

7. Click on Start

8. Look for the software you installed in the programme menu