How to check your schedule & group schedule for courses?

In myWURtoday you can find your course schedule. It shows the schedule from TE (TimeEdit) the Schedule system of Wageningen University & Research. TE is the basis for your scheduled lecturers and exams. You can consult TE from myWURtoday or separately to search for course or programme schedules, to filter by relevant groups, to import schedules to your agenda, and to subscribe to updates.

A group schedule is created by your course coordinator and can be done in different ways. When the course coordinator:

  • Links the groups with TE, you will see the group schedule in myWURtoday and TE.
  • Use the Brightspace calendar you can see your group and location in myWURtoday and Brightspace.
  • Use self group enrolment in Brightspace, you can see your group and location in Brightspace.
  • Use other options like Excel, it will be communicated via email or a Brightspace announcement.

This manual describes how you can find your schedule in myWURtoday and in TE (TimeEdit).

Getting started with schedule in TE and myWURtoday

More about TE( TimEdit), your course schedule and planning can be found on Study handbook and Schedule

How to use the schedule in myWURtoday can be found in  How can I use Schedule on the myWURtoday app?

How to login to TE

Go to and login with your WUR email and password

How to get help for your schedule and learn more on TE

In TE you can find short introduction clips to learn more.

When you have a question about your schedule in myWURtoday contact ServiceDesk IT +31 317 488888 or send an email to [email protected]