How can I use Schedule on myWURtoday app?

Via the myWURtoday app you have access to your own personal schedule. Here you can see when lectures/courses, practicals or other meetings are scheduled, what time they start and where you need to be. You can see your schedule for a specific day, week or month. .

In this article it is explained how to get to and use your personal schedule in your myWURtoday app.

Your educational schedule as shown in TimeEdit is always visable in the app. A personalised schedule, such as in which group the lecturer has assigned you to, will only be shown if the teacher has done this for the app. It will take a while before this can and will be done by all lecturers, so keep track on this.

1. Click on the Schedule icon. This is the icon in the middle, shown in the balk at the bottom of the page. Now you can see your own personal schedule. It opens in the week-mode. All your scheduled lectures, practicals and other meetings can be found here.

2. Click on Week to change the viewpoint of your schedule. Here, you can change into Day or Month overview.

3. Click on the arrow on the top right corner to shift to the next month/week/day (depending in which overview you are in). The arrow on the top left corner will shift you to the previous month/week/day

4. Click on the month (in this case: April 2021) to shift faster between months or even years

5. Click on Calendars in the upper right corner of the screen to switch between your personal calendars. Select which you want to combine in your personal schedule. Each agenda has a color, so you can easily distinguish between your different calendars.

NOTE: When you authorized for Outlook 365, see getting started with the myWURtoday app, it is possible to see your own Outlook calendar.


6. Click on a specific calendar item to see the details. Click on Go to Event to go to the original webpage of the event.

NOTE: When a lecture is scheduled, you will be guided to the Brightspace page of this specific lecture with a link to the weblecture and more details.

7. Click on Study Place booking to book a study place

You will be redirected to the study booking facility in TE

8. Click on Click here to log in and sign in with your WUR username and password

You can now search for a good study place and book the preferred time slot. To go back to the myWURtoday app click the cross in the upper left corner.