Overview of myWURtoday functionalities

myWURtoday in a nutshell

Introducing myWURtoday, your ultimate gateway to essential information for your studies. With this app, you gain access to a wide range of systems that are directly relevant to your academic journey. You can use myWURtoday as a handy app on your mobile phone (for iOS and Android) or as a browser version on your computer. myWURtoday.wur.nl informs you about your schedule, your courses, and your grades. It shows you the news of the day and keeps you informed with important announcements about your courses and messages from WUR. With myWURtoday, you have everything you need to know about your studies at your fingertips.

Home screen: an overview of your day

myWURtoday aims to support you in your study progress every day. That's why the home screen only displays information that you need today, e.g., a message about a new grade, a new assignment, or the location of the next class. You can also see your agenda for the day as downloaded from your WUR Outlook. When you click on an item, you are taken to your schedule.

News: always up-to-date

With myWURtoday, you can decide what kind of news you want to receive. You can subscribe to the news feed topics that you find important or interesting. When you start your studies at WUR, you are automatically subscribed to Getting Started @WUR. This way, you get the correct information you need as a first-year student. To subscribe to news feeds, swipe right on your mobile app or click the hamburger menu on the top left and click on "News”. A page with all available feeds will appear. Press on the toggle switch to subscribe to the topics you want to follow.

Brightspace: go directly to your courses

You will find information about your courses before the start of the study period on Brightspace, WUR's learning environment. All courses have their own ‘Brightspace page’ that lecturers use to exchange teaching materials. You get to Brightspace by clicking on your course in myWURtoday or going directly to Brightspace.wur.nl

Schedule: a complete diary

Here you can view your course schedule, exams, WUR-Outlook appointments, and Brightspace calendar in one combined calendar. Your schedule for the first term will be available in myWURtoday starting in July. This is the general schedule made in TimeEdit, WUR’s scheduling system te.wur.nl More information on the group allocation can be found in myWURtoday at the end of August or will be provided by your lecturer. You can also book a place to study on campus in TimeEdit via myWURtoday.

Osiris: an overview of your study

Want to know what courses and tests you are registered for? Or look at the overview of your grades? Details on your results and progress can be found in myWURtoday, under Osiris. From here, you can enrol for courses and access personal information and the study guide with just one click. You can also go directly to Osiris wur.osiris-student.nl.

More: find information faster

In myWURtoday, under ... More, you will find the topics that are relevant to your studies or time at university, all conveniently arranged. Useful links will take you to the information you need. Here, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions. Suggested answers appear as you start typing a question.