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What can I expect from myWURtoday desktop and introduction?

The myWURtoday desktop is your gateway to the information you need, when you need it.

This manual gives you a tour of myWURtoday desktop. The desktop has multiple functions which can be accessed, such as News, Brightspace, Schedule, Osiris, and More.

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1. The symbols in the top right corner of the screen (from left to right) represent notifications, Personal settings, and the search function. 

  • A new notification appears with a red dot. When you click on the bell you can mark the message as read and delete the message. Once deleted you cannot retrieve it.
  • In Personal settings you can find and subscribe to News feeds and set your Notification preferences. 
  • With the search option you can search through the entire myWURtoday app.

2. The Today screen shows your personal news feed, Brightspace announcements, and calendar of the day so you have the information you need when you need it. Click on the house sign in the top left corner to go back to the Today screen.

3. Click on News. Here you find campus, course, and Wageningen city-related news channels which you can subscribe to for yourself. For more information about the News option, see How can I subscribe to or unsubscribe from news.

4. Click on Brightspace. Here you can find your current course list. For more information about the Brightspace option, see How can I open Brightspace on myWURtoday app?

Brightspace is the online learning environment of Wageningen University & Research uses. Here your courses, thesis platforms, and other platforms are available. All information needed for your studying, e.g., course guide, course schedule, and lectures can be found here.

5. Click on Schedule. Here you can find your personal schedule. For more information about the Schedule option, see How can I use my Personal Schedule on myWURtoday app?

The Schedule is your educational schedule as available in TE (TimeEdit). This is the course schedule system of Wageningen University & Research. It provides you with you a personalised schedule, such as which group the lecturer has assigned you to. However, this will only be shown if the teacher has selected this feature for the app. At Schedule, you can also book a study place at one of the university buildings.

6. Click on Osiris. Here you can find different options to access in Osiris, such as messages, courses, tests, and grades. For more information about the Osiris option, see How can I open Osiris on myWURtoday app?.

Osiris is the student information system of Wageningen University & Research. In Osiris, you can find information about your courses, tests, study progress, and study programme. Most importantly, via Osiris you can enroll yourself in courses and tests.

7. Click on ... More. Here you will find remaining subjects such as Career & side jobs, Internships, and Study, Social &Mental Support. Click on the selected options and see links to more important information.