How can I open Osiris on myWURtoday app?

Through the myWURtoday app Osiris can be accessed. Osiris is the student information system of Wageningen University & Research. This is where you keep track on your study, register for courses and tests and where you can find your grades. 

How Osiris works, is explained in the Getting started with Osiris (video).

This manual will explain how Osiris can be opened through the myWURtoday app and what information is shown in the app.

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1. Click on Osiris in the myWURtoday app.

2. Here you can find different options to access in Osiris, such as messages, courses, tests and grades. When clicking on one of those links a login screen for Osiris appears.

3. Click on LOGIN and enter your WUR account and password.

NOTE:  You only have to do this once, or for security reasons 

4. You have now entered the mobile view of Osiris!