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Getting started with myWURtoday desktop (includes video)

myWURtoday is your gateway to the information you need, when you need it. On the site you can find:

  • Course information and announcements
  • Registration for courses and notifications for study progress and grades
  • Your personal education schedule and Office 365 calendar
  • Education and study related news
  • Practical information, for instance about study choices and study life

MyWURtoday is really useful as a student at the Wageningen University and therefore it is highly recommended to use myWURtoday.

This manual gives you a quick start to guide you through the desktop version of myWURtoday. You need a WUR-account to use myWURtoday desktop.

Need help?  Call the Service Desk on +31 317488888.

Step 1: Go to

To use myWURtoday you need to go to in your webbrowser. 

1. Click on Login with external service to login via SurfCONEXT.

Step 2: Authorise for Brightspace and Office 365

To ensure you can safely use Brightspace and your Schedule, an authorisation for both must take place once. You can find the consent buttons in the Today field and under the Bell icon in the top.

1. Click on the message 'Office 365 requires your consent' Sign in with your WUR account
2. Click on the message 'D2L Brightspace requires your consent' and click on Accept

Step 3: Take a tour through myWURtoday desktop

MyWURtoday desktop will guide you through your study by informing you on your personal schedule, your courses (via Brightspace) and your grades (via Osiris). It will show you the news of each day and inform you with important messages from the WUR. Find out what the different options means to you in your studies. Introduction to myWURtoday

Step 4: Subscribe to news you want to receive

To get the information you need, when you need it, you can subscribe to topics that are of interest to you or that fits the phase of your study. How to subscribe to news & topics.

Step 5: Your all set - Please give us your feedback

Have fun using myWURtoday Don't forget to share your experience

1. Click  on ... More, which goes to the my WUR navigation
2. Scroll down till My App and click on Help & info about the app

3. Click on > Feedback and share your experience in the form that appears