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Preparations for a remote proctored digital exam

It is important to prepare yourself in advance for your remote proctored exam. You must perform a room scan every time you take a remote proctored exam. The room scan provides the WUR with proof that you are in compliance with the examination rules.

Preparations before the exam

  1. Check your room and desk (see the rules on what is allowed)
  2. Check your equipment:
    • a computer with Windows 10 or 11, or Mac OS 10.15 or newer
    • a working webcam and a working microphone
    • a stable internet connection
    • an active WUR-account (make sure you remember your password)
  3. Do the try-out exam!

When you have questions on this please check the information in the FAQ pages.

You may test your equipment at and do the try-out exam to check if you are prepared.

It is not possible to take a remote proctored exam on a tablet, hybrid or mobile device. External camera's on a Mac are not supported. When you have a second screen it should be disconnected and covered (with a sheet or towel) or removed from your desk.

Make sure you follow all instructions, they are explained on the rules for remote proctored exams page.