Exams off campus

In 2021-2022 remote proctored exams are only available for a select group of students. It is not allowed to use remote proctoring without a valid reason. The following students are eligible for a remote proctored examination:

  • Students in (courses of) digital learning programmes.
  • For the periods 2021-1 up to and including 2021-6 (but not the resits in August!) when you are not allowed on campus based on the flowchart ‘Can I come to the campus’, contact your examiner well in advance but at the latest at 16:00h on the day before your exam for an alternative. The examiner decides which type of alternative will be provided: a remotely proctored exam, an oral exam, a live proctored exam in Teams, etc.
  • Whether there is an alternative for an on campus exam in the resits in August due to Covid measures is to be decided in June.
  • The student dean may decide to grant the special facility to take ‘exams off-campus (if suited and available)’. A student can request this facility online through Osiris. This facility can provide a solution for students with specific disabilities or circumstances or students with top-level sports status. Please, contact the student dean well ahead of the exams, as you need to indicate this before the exam registration deadline and your request needs time to be processed. After approval, you can tick the off-campus facility in Osiris when registering for exams. Please note, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the examiner of the specific examination four weeks in advance. By this means the examiner has time to consult the Examining Board before deciding which alternative can be provided.
  • In exceptional cases, when the student would suffer unacceptable study delay due to circumstances for which he is reasonably not accountable for, the Examining Board can allow the student to take a specific (resit) examination in a different way, such as e.g. remote proctored.
  • Participants in WUR examinations that are (re-)scheduled off campus due to unforeseen circumstances.

These pages will explain how a remote proctored digital exam works:

  1. Make yourself familiar with the Rules on remote proctored exams
  2. Check if your equipment and room are prepared
  3. Train yourself in how to take a remote proctored exam by doing the try-out
  4. When you have tot take the exam follow the login instructions

More information on remote proctoring

Remote proctoring is a way to take an exam online in a secure way. While taking the exam the webcam of your computer and the microphone are used to record you and your surroundings. These recordings are reviewed afterwards, and if there are irregularities or a suspicion of fraud the Examining Board will get in touch with you.

We have made an animation on how a remote proctored exam works @ WUR.

Julia, one of the distance learning master students is talking about her experiences with remote proctored examination in this interview.

SURF made a video explaining how remote proctoring works.

How do I get help during an exam when something goes wrong?

You are not alone while entering the proctoring process, when you are not able to get through the setup process there is a call support option available within the PSI software. The PSI application secures your computer when taking an exam by making a recording of your desktop and your webcam.

Problems during the exam

If you encounter any problems during the exam, check the available information by clicking on the button Contact Support at the top of the PSI Secure Browser. On the examination support pages you can find last minute information on your exam (when applicable) and the WUR examination support number: +31 317 48 88 81 (or 0317 48 88 81). When you call support this is registered and that situation will not be suspicious.

Cannot find answers to your questions?

More information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions.