About Privacy

When taking a remote proctored exam, you should expect personal information and data to be collected. The remote proctoring service is supplied by the company PSI and paid for by Wageningen University.

This article will explain:

Rules and regulations about Privacy

  • The proctoring software from PSI will make recordings of your screen and your web cam on behalf of Wageningen University
  • Your picture and the picture of your WUR-card are also recorded by the company on behalf of Wageningen University
  • Checking the recordings for suspicious behavior or infringement of the rules is done by trained proctors from the company PSI in a controlled setting, they cannot take these recordings home.
  • Anything marked as suspicious by the proctor will be reviewed for a second time by the WUR video review team who will write a report about it if needed. The report (not the video) is sent to the Examining Board. In case of an appeal, where it is necessary to review the video, the Examining Boards is allowed to watch this together with the student. If the student refrains from reviewing the recordings, the Examining Board may do so without the student.
  • The recordings are stored by PSI for a maximum of 3 months

Due to the high number of remotely proctored exams and the time needed to review all recordings, we are temporarily forced to deviate from the regular retention period that applies to the recordings of remotely proctored exams. The recordings are stored for a maximum of 4 months instead of a maximum of 3 months. After this period, the recordings are destroyed.

Privacy remarks

  1. Make sure that on your computer, in your room and on your desk there is no information visible that you don't want to be known to others. Think of passwords, private information, expressions of religion, etc
  2. It is advised to block the document-ID and person-number on your ID-card/passport e.g. with a post-it as long as your photo and complete name are visible. But it is best to use your WUR-card
  3. Dress as you would for an exam. 


Now you know about your privacy in remote proctored exams at WUR!