Exams on campus

Starting academic year 2021-2022 all exams are on-campus again (except for students in a distance learning program). Some exams will be on paper while others will be in a digital form. For a digital exam on-campus you need to bring your laptop to the exam room, except when the exam is in a PC room (the room code starts with PC). Your teacher will inform you whether you need to bring your laptop.

These pages will explain how a digital exam on campus works.  (Click here for a video on taking an exam with fraud prevention)

  1. Make yourself familiar with the rules on on-campus digital exams
  2. Check if your laptop is prepared
  3. Train yourself in how to take a digital exam by doing the try-out
  4. When you have to take the exam follow the login instructions. You will receive a hard copy in the exam room.

More information on digital exams on campus

There are different options available for taking a digital exam on-campus. Your teacher will explain how your exam will look. When it is an exam in a PC room you most likely will need to use applications. In this case you will receive the login instructions when you are in the room, there is no preparation needed.

For other exams you have to bring your laptop to be able to take the exam. When you start the exam from Ans on your laptop a special program will be started which prevents you from using notes on your laptop or communicating with other students. If this program is not installed yet the option to install this will be offered in the startup process of the exam. That is why you should be in the exam room at least 15 minutes early so you can get everything ready.

If your laptop is not working at the start of the exam, please know that there are possibilities to make your exam. You can get a spare laptop or a paper copy of the exam. Consult the invigilator for these options (Click here to read more about how to arrange a spare laptop).

Problems during the exam

If you encounter problems with your laptop during the exam the invigilator ('surveillant') can contact WUR examination support for assistance.

If your laptop crashes there are emergency spares available which allow you to continue your exam. For a proper administration of the emergency spares you need to bring your WUR-card and a valid ID card to the exam.

It is important to know that your answers or changes will be saved. Even if an error occurs, all of your given answers to your exam are saved regularly.