Preparations for the on-campus digital exam

It is important to prepare yourself in advance for a digital exam on your own laptop:

  1. Check if your laptop meets the requirements from Schoolyear. Chromebooks are not supported. Only laptops with:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 11
    • Mac OS version 10.13 or newer including version 11. Parallels is not needed. See this page from Apple to find which version you have.
  2. Check if the security software (Schoolyear) works on your laptop with the laptop check.
  3. Make sure you use the EDUROAM wifi connection when you are on campus.
  4. You have an active WUR-account and you know your username and password.
  5. When you have a Windows 10 laptop: add English as display language. See this instruction if you don't know how.

You can test if your laptop is sufficient by doing the laptop check.

If you encounter issues there we have a diagnose tool available. You can download it here. Just follow the instructions and if your issue is not solved send us the log files for further analysis.

If you have any other question about using Schoolyear, please come to our walk in session on Wednesday 29 June 2022 (Forum: room 009, Team Digital Examination), from 15:00-16:00.

Preparations on the day before the exam:

  1. Restart your laptop once and check if there are updates that should be installed.
  2. Charge the battery of your laptop.
  3. Check if you have English as display language available.

Preparations on the day of the exam:

Bring your:

  • Laptop
  • ID and WURcard (you need your ID to identify yourself when your laptop crashes and you need a spare laptop)
  • Laptop charger and power cord
  • For a Windows laptop: set the display language to English

Come 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to the exam room to get started with your laptop.

In case your laptop does not work and you can't start the exam, please inform the invigilator about this. The invigilator will call the reception desk to inform that you need a spare laptop.

If the exam has not started yet, you have to pick up the spare laptop yourself. If the exam already started, the conscierge will bring the spare laptop to the exam room. It is very important that you bring both your Wur-card and ID-card and show them at the reception desk. You Wur-card stays at the reception desk. You will recieve the spare laptop.

Go back to the exam room and repeat the start procedure on the spare laptop. When you have finished the exam, do not forget to return the spare laptop at the reception desk and take your Wur-card.