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MS Teams | How to download and log in your desktop app

This article will show you how to:

  • download the MS Teams desktop application,
  • log into MS Teams desktop application.

How to download Teams' desktop app

Despite Teams can be used in a browser, downloading the desktop application will facilitate its use. You can download the app from Microsoft Teams download page, for both computer and mobile.

Use your WUR account to access Teams.

How to log in your desktop app

1. Click on the MS Teams application icon on your computer to open it

2. Type your wurmail in the pop-up window ([email protected])

3. Click Sign in

MS teams login screen

A new window pops up where you will have to

4.  Type your wurmail and password

5. Then, click Sign in

WUR login screen

The pop up window will close and the Microsoft Teams application will load. You will now be able to work in Teams.

You now know how to download and log in MS Teams desktop application!

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