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Personal Settings | How to edit the general Account Settings

This article will show you how to edit Account Settings, which can be used to change the settings of how Brightspace is presented. These settings are for the personal account and do not affect the content of courses. In this article, you can find information on the basic Account Settings.

This article will explain:


Navigate to your course and hover over to your User profile

  1. Click on your Name or profile picture, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click Account Settings  
Click on your name or profile picture a drop down menu will appear click on Account settings

This action will open the Account Settings page, three separate tabs are shown:

  • Account Settings - this menu contains the more general account settings, such as font, language, time, reading and video settings
  • Discussions - personal discussion settings such as Display and Reply settings
  • Email - this menu contains personal email and display options

This article describes the options of the Account Settings tab.

Account Settings tab

Account settings page
1. Font Settings

The first option you are given in the Account Settings menu is Font Settings. To adjust the font size to your personal preferences,

  1. Click on the downward arrow, this will open a drop-down menu
  2. Click the font size (Small, Medium, Large or Huge)
Font settings, choose a font size by click on the downward arrow
2. Dialog Setting

The Dialog Setting, i.e. how you view the website and what happens when you click on a link, is useful to adjust when you view your Brightspace on smaller screens. The default setting is Dialogs. Switch your settings to Pop-ups if one of the options as described in the Brightspace setting explanation applies to your situation.

Dialogue settings, default setting are dialogs
3. HTML Editor Settings

The third setting is the HTML Editor Settings. This setting enables you to enter text and HTML in the system.

Tick the selectbox if you prefer to turn off rich text editor and view source.

HTML Editor Settings, tick the box to turn off rich text editor and view source
4. Reading Content

Some tools automatically mark content as you scroll it into viewed.

Tick the selectbox if you prefer to not automatically mark items as read when scrolling the page.

Reading Content, tick the in order not to automatically mark items as read as the page scrolls
Video and Locale and Language Settings
5. Video Settings

This setting ensures assistive technologies can detect videos.

Tick the selectbox for video optimization with programmatically-driven assistive technologies.

Video settings, tick the box for video optimization with programmatically-driven assistive technologies
6. Locale & Language

In this section many settings can be changed, such as default date, clock and number formats.

Locale & Language
  1. Preferred Locale and Language - choose the language you want to have your working environment in. The default setting is "English (United Kingdom)"

If you change the language this might affect the (proper) use of a screenreader.

  1. Clock - indicate whether you want to have the time shown in either 12- or 24-hours cycles
  2. First Day of the Week - the default setting is "Sunday", however, any day of the week can be chosen 
  3. Date - indicate in what way you want to have your dates shown, for example, dd/mm/yyyy
  4. Number Format - indicate how Brightspace should display numbers
  5. Percentage Format - settings for the display of percentages
Account Settings- Time Zone
7. Time Zone

The next Account Setting is Time Zone. Here you find two options that can be adjusted.

Time zone, you can set preferred content and time zone
  1. Continent - select the preferred continent the list of time zones
  2. Time zone - the offset of time in hours from UTC
8. Signing In

In the Signing In menu, you can adjust how others see your status in Brightspace:

  • Appear online - a green dot next to your name will indicate your online status (e.g., in Classlist to the lecturer)
  • Always appear offline - no indication of your status will be given
Online status you can choose to appear online or offilne
9. Application Settings

Application Settings enable you to manage applications. 

Apllication Settings, applications registered to your account can access the system on your behalf
  1. OAuth 2.0 - revoke authentication for applicants individually. For more information on this option, click on Manage applications registered with OAuth 2.0.
  2. ID Key Authorization - revoke authentication for all applicants at once, click on the grey button Revoke Access.

Once you have selected all the preferred options, do not forget to click the blue Save and Close button.

Click on the blue Save and Close button

You now know how to edit your Account Settings in Brightspace!