How to use a group locker

This article will show you how to use group lockers in a course.

Advantages of using a group locker

A Group Locker provides students with the opportunity to quickly and easily share files with each other.


  • A group-bound digital storage place of 1 GB, in which students can upload and save different types of files within Brightspace
  • All group members are able to create folders to organize files
  • All group members are able to download all files in the locker and adjust them offline
  • All files within the locker are only accessible for group members (and teacher) and cannot be made public
  • All group members are able to view which file is uploaded the most recently and by whom

A teacher is able to view all files. Perhaps you do not want teachers to view your draft versions: it is advised to store them somewhere else.

Files that are deleted in the locker, by students or teachers, cannot be restored.

Add a file to the locker

To add a file to the locker, enter the locker as mentioned in the steps above, and click New File to create a HTML file, or Upload Files to upload a file.

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You now know how to use group lockers!