Personal Settings | How to edit a Profile Picture

This article will show you how to adjust you User Profile. After reading this article you should be able to change your profile picture to personalize your account.  This picture will be visible to other users.

Changing your profile picture

In the Homepage, navigate to your personal profile at the top right corner of your screen.

1. Click on your User Profile,  a downward menu will appear

2. Click Profile


Click on user profile, in the dropdown menu click profile

This action will open Edit My User Profile, displaying your name and picture

3. To change picture, click on Change Picture

Click on Change picture

Select a Profile Picture menu will appear as a pop-up window. You can now choose from where you want to retrieve your picture from:

4. Click on Upload

Click on upload

Once you have chosen and uploaded a picture. At the bottom of the pop-up page:

5. click the blue Add button

At the bottom of the page click on the blue Add button

The pop-up page will close and you will see your uploaded picture.

6. Click the blue Save and Close button

Click the blue Save and Close button

Now you know how to change your Profile Picture!

You now know how to successfully change your Profile Picture!

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