Discover | How to find a course using Discover

Via the Discover tool in Brightspace, teachers or support staff can choose to make a course available to all students. It can then be found using the Discover tool. As a student, you will have to subscribe yourself to this course. This article will explain how to:

Find a course using Discover

1. On the WUR homepage, navigate to Discover in the navbar

2. Search a course using the search bar, or click on the courses that are listed in Recently Updated


Enroll in a course using Discover

When you have found a course you would like to enroll in, click the course. Now, the course page will open.

1. Now, click Enroll in Course

The course will now appear on your homepage and in the waffle.


You now know how to find a course and how to enroll in a course using Discover!

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