How to enrol in a course?

Usually, you are able to enrol in a course yourself. Only under certain conditions, it is not possible to enrol in a course. This can be for various reasons, for example:

  • the registration deadline has already passed;
  • you want to take more than the allowed 15 ECTS of courses in a period;
  • the course does not allow self-enrolment.

In these cases, contact the contact person listed in the Course Catalogue or the course coordinator.

Furthermore, some courses have a maximum number of participants. Osiris is set up in such a way that every student who wants to enrol in a course with a maximum number of participants is placed on a waiting list. As a student, you will be automatically notified of this.

One week before the registration deadline of the period, the list of students that is enrolled in the course will be processed. When the number of enrolments exceeds the maximum number of participants for the course, only a selection of students will be admitted to the course based on a certain ranking: compulsory courses > restricted optionals > electives. Thus, students for whom the course is compulsory will be admitted. Students for whom the course is a restricted optional have priority over other interested students. Among students who do not have priority, participation in the course is determined by draw. When the number of enrolments is lower than the maximum number of participants for the course, enrolments will stay open until the registration deadline of the period.

BE AWARE: when you enrol for a course, you are automatically also enrolled for the test of that course. You can take the course as many times as you want in an academic year. However, you can only take a test for a maximum of 2 times per academic year.

NOTE: If you want to make the resit only and not follow a course again, you need to enrol in a test and use the manual How to enrol in a test?. You will gain access to view the Brightspace page of the course in the current academic year.

This manual describes how to enrol in a course

1. Click on Enrol in the home screen
or enter the menu bar and click on Enrol

2. Click on COURSE

3. Select the course you want to enrol in by filling in the Course Code / Name in the search box

TIP: multiple Filter options to specify your search are available on the right-hand side. For a detailed explanation on the filter options, go to  "How to use the filters in the Enrol menu".

4. When you have found the right course, click on the course

NOTE: When the registration deadline has passed, the course will be shown in light grey with the text 'Enrolment is closed' in pink.
TIP: When you want to enrol in a course that takes place in the next year, you have to select this year in the filter Academic year.

5. After checking the details of the selected course, click on CONFIRM ENROLMENT

NOTE: The details of the selected course, for example the period in which the course is given and the amount of ECTS, are shown on the right side of the screen.

When you have permission for special facilities, you can select these facilities before you confirm enrolment in a course. For more information on how to add facilities to course enrolment, see the manual How to make use of special facilities?

NOTE: You are now enrolled in the course. On the bottom of the screen, a notification is given that the course registration has been successfully completed.
TIP: A confirmation of your enrolment can also be found in Show my enrolments (How can I find the courses, tests, minor or specialisation where I am enrolled in?) or in your messages.