How to obtain a list of my grades?

In Osiris you see your grades in the 'Grades' menu, but you can also print a list of your grades within your 'study progress overview' and see a simple overview of all your courses and grades in the 'transcript of records'.

- Apart from a list of your grades, the study progress overview also shows you which parts of your programme you already completed and which you still need to complete.
- The file overview is a non-structed list of all your courses and grades. Here all your grades for all programmes combined are shown. This transcript might especially be useful for exchange students and students only following separate courses at Wageningen University.

This manual describes how to obtain your study progress overview and the transcript of records.

Study progress overview

1. Click on Progress in the home screen
or enter the menu bar and click at Progress


3. In the pop-up menu, you can choose if you also want to print courses that still need to be completed yes or no.

NOTE: If you select 'No' only courses you passed are printed. If you select 'Yes' also courses you did not yet passed are printed. These can be courses you failed, or courses you did not (yet) followed. If you select 'Yes' also all restricted optional courses you can follow are depicted. Note that if you meet the requirements of the restricted optionals, you do not need to follow all of them.


5. In a new tab your Study Progress Overview opens. Your Study Progress Overview starts with a Summary of Progress and Programme. If you scroll down, you will also find a list with all your grades under Grades - Study programme. 

NOTE: For the courses you did not yet pass the number of credits is placed between brackets.

NOTE:  This is not an official transcript of your grades. In order to obtain an official transcript contact the Student Service Centre at [email protected] or go to the front desk of the Student ServiceCentre in the Forum building. For the opening hours of the front desk of the Student Service Centre see:

File overview/transcript

6. In order to obtain the file overview, click on Progress in the home screen

or enter the menu bar and click at Progress


8. In the pop-up menu you have several options. To print the File overview, click on SHOW FILE OVERVIEW.

NOTE: If you select 'Full results' the file overview shows you all your courses, including the courses you failed. If you select 'Completed course modules only', only courses you passed are shown.

The file overview opens in a new window. It shows a non-structured list of your courses and grades.