How to plan electives from another university?

How to create external courses from another university via Cases?

If you want to follow courses from another university, for example when you go on exchange, you need to add them in your study programme. This can be done via Cases in Osiris Student.

This manual describes how to create external courses

1.  First, click on Cases in the home screen of Osiris

2. To make a new case, click on the green + sign

3. Click on Creating external Course

4. Select the university offering the course. Type at least 3 characters of the university or city to find your university offering the course.
If the university you'll be attending is not in the list, look for '~My university is not in the list'
5. Fill in the course code used at the other university.
Use max. 14 characters

NOTE: It is not possible to create an external course with the same course code you used before.

6. Fill in the title of the course in English.
  Make sure you capitalize all nouns as is common with course names within Wageningen (E.g. Introduction to Communication and Innovation)

NOTE: If you make a small mistake in the title of the course, do not create a new external course because it will be corrected when the grade is entered. However, if you entered the wrong course code, please contact SSC to have it deleted.

7. Fill in the number of credits (in ECTS).
  When your course is listed in another credit system, the examining board will do the credit-conversion upon receiving your official transcript (i.e. after your exchange). For now provide an estimate for the number of credits in ECTS
8. Fill in the expected completion date of the course.
  You can give the known or estimated date of the exam for this course. Dates in the future can be added. The exact date will be entered by SSC upon providing the transcript to SSC (i.e. after the exchange period)

9. Click on Next after every component described above is filled in.

10. Read the text carefully. Click on SUBMIT when you have checked everything.

11.  The case is successfully submitted, when it is shown at Completed Cases

TIP: For more details, click on the case.

12. The external course is now created and the grade 'NOGRADE' is awarded. To start a new case, repeat step 2 to 10.

NOTE: Make sure that you do not enter the same course code again during step 5 of adding a new external course.


13. You can check the 'NOGRADE' by clicking on Grades on the Osiris Student home page.

14. To plan the External course(s) in your study programme, go to the PlanApp in the home screen of Osiris.

15. The course should be placed in your planning and/or in the Plan Later menu (you can click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner to enlarge the image).

NOTE: If the course does not appear in your planning, but only in the Plan Later menu, this is because the end date you entered for the external course is in a year that is currently not in your planning. You have to add a year to your planning until that year is included and the course will appear. How to add a year to your planning can be found in the manual How to add a year to/delete a year from my planning?

If you're satisfied with your planning and you want to request approval, take a look at the manual How to request approval for electives?. You can also find the Electives Motivation Form here.

16. After completing the courses at another university, you have to inform the Student Service Centre (SSC). How to inform SSC is described at the following website:

BE AWARE to always save your plan in between changes and before you close the PlanApp!