How to enrol in a test?

You need to enrol yourself in a test if you want to make the resit only and not follow a course again. You will gain access to view the Brightspace page of the course in the current academic year. Only under certain conditions, it is not possible to enrol in a test. This can be for various reasons, for example when the registration deadline has already passed. In this case, contact the secretarial office of the chair group of the course coordinator.

BE AWARE that you are only allowed to enrol for a test for a maximum of 2 times per academic year. However, you can enrol for a course more than 3 times a year. But, if you do not want to take the test when following the course, you should disenrol yourself in time for the test to not waste 1 opportunity of taking the test. The deadlines for disenrolment can be found on the following website:

BE AWARE that it is not possible to be enrolled for more than one test registration at a time. This means that when your grade for a test has not yet been entered in Osiris, you can't enrol for the next test. For example: You did the test for the course ADP20306 in period 2. The grade has not yet been entered in Osiris and therefore you can't enrol in the resit in February. Please wait for the grade and thereafter you can enrol in the resit.

This manual describes how to enrol in a test

1. Click on Enrol in the home screen
or enter the menu bar and click on Enrol

2. Click on TEST

3. Select the course you want to enrol in by filling in the Course Code / Name in the search box

TIP: multiple Filter options to specify your search are available on the right. For a detailed explanation on the filter options, go to the manual "How to use the filters in the Enrol menu".

4. When you have found the right course, click on the course

5. On the left side of the screen, select the interim examination you want to enrol in. For each interim examination, a date is shown. PLEASE NOTE: this is not the date of your test, but the last Friday of a period on which your grade will be booked
6. After selecting the correct interim examination, click on the green arrow

7. After checking the details of the selected course, click on CONFIRM ENROLMENT

NOTE: The details of the selected interim examination, for example the period in which the interim examination is given, are shown on the right hand side of the screen.

When you have permission for special facilities, you can select these facilities before you confirm enrolment in a test. For more information on how to add facilities to test enrolment, see the manual How to make use of special facilities?

NOTE: You are now enrolled in the interim examination. On the bottom of the screen, a notification is given that you're successfully enrolled for the interim examination (test).
TIP: A confirmation of your enrolment can also be found in Show my enrolments (How can I find the courses, tests or specialisation where I am enrolled in?) or in your messages.