How to re-submit previously approved electives?

It is possible to withdraw your approved study programme in the PlanApp.

This manual describes how to withdraw the study programme that is approved by your study advisor and the examining board in the PlanApp.

BE AWARE: If you choose 're-submit', your approval expires and you need to submit the electives for approval again. Without new approval you cannot graduate. Are you sure you want to proceed? If in doubt, please contact your study advisor.

1. Click on OPTIONS in the menu bar

2. Click on Re-submit previously approved Electives

3. Click on OK to confirm that you want to proceed, if you do not want to withdraw your approved programme, click on CANCEL

NOTE: You should only withdraw your programme to resubmit a new programme, not just to withdraw your programme and not submit a new programme. This is why the button is called ‘Re-submit previously approved Electives’.

To know how to submit your new programme, including all electives (also previously approved ones), have a look at the manual: How to request approval for electives?

To know how to plan a course in the PlanApp, see the manual How to plan a course in the PlanApp?.