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How to plan a program with a double specialisation in the PlanApp?

You can use the Osiris PlanApp to plan your individual study programme and to request approval for your electives. This includes planning a double specialisation programme. A double specialisation programme, however, comes with some additional requirements and responsibilities. So, please read this manual carefully.

BE AWARE: Always save your plan in between changes and before you close the PlanApp.

This manual describes how to plan a double specialisation programme. If you consider a double specialisation programme please consult your study advisor and the Examining Board.

Before planning your program with a double specialisation, please enrol in both specialisation programs via Osiris. How to enrol in a specialisation is explained in this manual: How to enrol in a specialisation?

1. Plan all courses you want to follow in the PlanApp. How to plan a course is described in this manual How to plan a course in the PlanApp?
To be able to submit your double specialisation programme for approval you should add an additional course. Which is explained in the following steps.

2. Click on Course Catalogue

3. Click on Courses

4. Search for the course ‘DUMMY-SP’

The course ‘DUMMY to graduate in 2 specialisations’ consists of 30 credits. As you can see Osiris calculates the total amount of credits on your Study Progress Overview as a combination of the common part, the specialisation and electives. This in total should add up 120 credits for Master (180 credits in a Bachelor). To graduate both specialisation program X and Y should have 120 credits separately. As the electives are the same for both specialisation program X and Y, the separated programs might sometimes not add up to the amount of credits needed to graduate in both specialisations. Therefore the DUMMY-SP course should be added to your program. Not everyone needs 30 credits to compensate for the double specialisation, but this is in every case enough. The credits of this course are shown on our Study Progress Overview but in the end not on your diploma supplement.

Where to find the Study Progress Overview and how to read it is explained in the following manuals How to obtain a list of my grades?, How to read the study progress overview?

5. Plan the 'DUMMY-SP' course via PLAN NOW or PLAN LATER. It does not matter in which year and/or period this course is planned.

6. After you planned your double specialisation programme and added the ‘DUMMY-SP’ course to your planning you can request approval for your electives. Do not forget to include the DUMMY-SP course in your request for electives approval. How to request approval is described in this manual How to request approval for electives?

NOTE: You have meet the requirements for each of the specialisations and you need to obtain a total of at least 120 ECTS for a master and 180 for a bachelor.

NOTE: A double specialisation needs two unique theses for both specialisations, one for each specialisation. Please explain in your motivation which thesis is for what specialisation, so your Study Advisor can fix this via an individual arrangement (if required).

7. When you are ready to graduate, you can request the Examining Board for exemption of the DUMMY-SP course. Please send an email, with your study advisor in cc, and fill out the sample document that can be found here:

The Examining Board will check your program and grant exemption if your program meets the requirements of the degree program and of both specialisations.

NOTE: the course (and credits) of the DUMMY-SP course will not be on your diploma supplement.